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Fenics Markets Xchange (“FMX”) combines BGC Group’s market leading Fenics Rates and FX platforms with its new FMX Futures Exchange. FMX will provide fully electronic trading in cash Treasuries, foreign exchange and interest rate futures. FMX uses state-of-the-art Fenics trading technology and leverages a global infrastructure designed for speed and scalability. 

FMX Futures Exchange is partnering with LCH Limited, which holds the largest pool of cleared interest rate swaps in the world, and we anticipate the potential for participants on the FMX Futures Exchange to experience material clearing and cross-margin efficiencies.

Clearing Agreement with LCH

Margin, funding, and capital efficiency within a single CCP

Deep-Rooted Relationships with Significant Liquidity Providers

Established longstanding partnerships with significant liquidity providers across multiple asset classes

Focused on the Interest Rate Complex

The largest futures markets in the world – offering a product suite of Treasury and SOFR Futures

Impressive History of Creating Electronic Marketplaces

An impressive history of creating electronic marketplaces – eSpeed(1), Fenics UST, Fenics FX, and Fenics MidFX

Established Ecosystem

FMX Futures Exchange will be part of the USD rates complex of FMX, leveraging our longstanding relationships with liquidity providers and enabling the trading of Futures vs. cash products on a single platform

Superior Technology and Protocols

FMX Futures Exchange platform will utilize state of the art technology with fast execution times and proven differentiating protocols

Proven Track Record of Taking Market Share from Incumbents

Talent, technology, and experience in place to replicate the success seen across the FMX businesses

Becoming an FMX Futures Exchange Client

To learn more about how to become a member of FMX Futures Exchange, click below for more information.

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